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As I mentioned in my previous post, I discovered today that there was a new Kristina Kwerner Colour Challenge…yey!  I love the colours but dont have any of the inks and very little of the papers, so I had to improvise. 

Here is my design.

I really have to start going to bed early, this is my third night in a row I’ve been up to almost 12.




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A while ago my son requested that we have a day where we dont go anywhere, and this became stay at home Tuesdays.  Well lately we haven’t been sticking to it and this week we did and it was such a perfect day with my boys.

We sang songs(“I can sing a rainbow” and “we are one, we are many, I am , you are, we are Australian”, did arts and crafts (while mummy worked on a new project), baking, playing outside whenever it wasn’t raining, inspecting the new flowers in the garden, and story time.

My little chefs

Little Pear and cinnamon cakes
1 egg
1/2 cup plain flour and 1/2 cup SR flour
1/3 cup Caster sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 Pear peeled and diced
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 teaspoon extra caster sugar 

1. Grease muffins plans. Peel and dice pear.
2. Whisk oil, sugar and egg together.
3. Add flours and pear, stir until just combined.
4. Drop level tablesponns into each pan hole and sprinkle with combined cinnamon and a extra caster sugar. 
5. Bake in moderately hot oven for about 15 minutes, serve warm or cold.

Recipe from: The Australian Women’s Weekly babies and toddlers good food.

I discovered while browsing blogs some cute paperclip bookmarks to make, I found them on Dianne Barns Blog, thanks for the idea Dianne.  I made them as a present for my craft group.  I think I like yours more, but it was still a fun project.

While I was making these, my eldest decided he would make one for his dad, and stuck a picture of an aeroplane on a paperclip and gave it to his dad when he got home from work.

So we took our pear muffins and book marks to the craft group today, where I learnt to knit.

I had tried it once before when I was younger but had little success, I more hopefull….time will tell.

This is probably the most rows I ever done, I’m knitting a baby blanket for my neice who was born on Monday.  She may get it as a 1st birthday present.  I haven’t seen her yet, only photos so I’m really looking forward to meeting her this weekend.

I discovered that there is a new Kwerner colour challenge, so I also have attempted another challenge.  I didn’t have any of the inks and not many papers so I had to improvise.  Check out my design.


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Last night I went to a 40th for one of the mums in my mums group.  I dont get to see them much as I dont live in the same town as my mums group anymore, so it was a really great night catching up with them all.

My eldest son and I stayed the night and had a sleep over at Kerrie’s (one of the mum’s from mums group).

Today was the first day Kerrie has made cards, and either I am a legend at teaching or she is an absolute natural!  We started by making a fathers day card and then ended up making boy birthday cards as my son keeps complaining that all the cards I make are too girly. 

We both had lots of fun, I think Kerrie was surprised that she could make such nice cards, and I experiemented a bit and made cards using staples and sewing on a sewing machine for the first time…very excited.  I feel like creatively I am really growing and it makes me feel so good, LOVE it!

So here are our creations…enjoy!


made by Kerrie

made by Kerrie

made by Kerrie, told you she is a natural!

and also made by Kerrie

Now mine….

and my favourite!

We also went to a 1st birthday party on the weekend and the kids had a great time.  It was a weekend of catching up with friends, fun and fabulous cards!  I think so anyway.  : ) 


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Here is my second attempt at a design challenge, I love doing these they get me to use colours that I may not have used together, or stamp in colours that I may not have considered.

Let me know what you think?


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Well we have had lots of babies being born and I haven’t had enough baby cards so over the last few days I have had a card making marathon with my sister, Susannah.  Luckily she loves me lots and let me use all her stuff because I was staying over at her place and didn’t bring any of card making supplies, I now owe her some new papers which I will order soon.  Here are my cards, you can see I was having a great time using her embossing tool, ribbon and my other sister, Kristy’s stamp set.

I’m now ready for lots of babies to be born, especially my sister Susannah’s, due just after a week from now.

I love babies, as I’ve mentioned in other posts I have my two beautiful boys who are no longer babies but the 3 year old is still very cute and my 5 year old is looking more mature every day.  Anyway I love babies because they remind us of the miracle of life, and after loosing my mum almost two years ago now I can easily focus on the sadness that this brings to me.  Babies remind me that there is a beginning and and ending to every life, and even though I really miss my mum, she got to experience being a baby, a daughter, a teenager, an adult, marriage, her own babies and watching them grow into adults and her own grand children.  I promise to remind myself of this mum, I remember you often and sometimes the memories make me laugh… and cry.  You loved babies mum, and you loved making cards….I dedicate these cards to you.

Love Paula….yes I’m crying now, but only because I love you so much.

Sorry for getting a bit emotional, hope you like my cards.


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