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I’m new to blogging.  I have just been browsing a number of card making blogs, and I am amazed at firstly the number of sites and secondly, how many amazing designs are out there.  

I am inspired and want to create every night but I’ve already been up until 12 for too many nights in a row as it is, and now I have a new addiction to add to card making and jewellery making, maintaining my blog.

I have two sons, 5 and almost 3 and at the moment I’m a full time mum.  So to keep them and myself entertained we do arts & crafts quite a bit, I love watching them relax and create, whether it’s a drawing, painting or making something with blocks.

My eldest son likes to make cards and jewellery as well so I might have to take some photos of his designs to share.  I love the freedom in his design, children don’t second guess themselves, they just create and enjoy their design.  


                            My painting

                    My Eldest son’s painting

One day we were painting and I tried to learn from Codey and just paint without planning what I would paint.  I just started painting lines and the painting created itself.  What I loved most of the experience was that Codey decided to start copying my painting and then went of on his own tangent.  Love it!

Dont worry they also like to run around the house being crazy, pretending to be ninjas, jumping on the trampoline and riding their bikes.  My youngest has just started riding a bike with training wheels since his older brother is now on a bigger bike, he is really starting to grow up now.  

It really is scary how comfortable they are sitting on these pretend bikes, especially the way my youngest moved with the bike when it went from side to side.

I suppose I should actually include a card design.  I really need to improve the quality of my photos, so I apologise for the quality.  This is a card I made a while ago before I was introduced to stamping, but it is one of my favourites.



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